Mentoring programmes

Customised with subject specific materials to address a wide range of business issues:

  • Graduate induction (improved retention)
  • Role transition (radical improvement in settling into new role and higher likelihood of succeeding in the role
  • Equal opportunities/ diversity management (faster career progress for targeted groups)
  • Talent retention (mentees at least 30% more likely to stay than their peers)
  • Maternity mentoring (higher proportion return to work and faster return to previous levels of effectiveness)
  • Mentoring for entrepreneurs (focus on their personal development, to keep it aligned with business development)


Coaching & mentoring culture/
coaching & mentoring strategy

Intensive workshops and continuing support for HR and top management in planning, implementing and measuring progress towards a coaching culture and in ensuring the maximum return on investment (ROI) from coaching, mentoring and related informal learning interventions.

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Building coaching cultures in teams

Sending line managers off on courses doesn’t work well. To embed coaching behaviours requires a collaborative environment within the team, where everyone learns to coach and be coached, over a sufficient time period for the coaching mindset to form. This truly unique approach has the potential to transform team performance, by ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for both their own development and that of their team colleagues.

The process involves designing a series of learning events, which teams can customise, but which enable gradual learning, built around normal team meetings, so it doesn’t interfere with day-to-day work, but supports it.

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Advanced techniques in coaching & mentoring

One-day or two-day refresher courses for coaches, introducing them to current research in the field and to tools and techniques they may not have encountered.

Primarily used for internal coach pools.