Mentor Coaching Days

Angelos Derlopas, PCC.

Founder & Managing partner. // Executive & Leadership Coach. Angelos Derlopas is an expert in developmental dialogue, he is a professional ICF credentialed coach (PCC), a Coach instructor and assessor, a member of the global network of partners CMI Coaching Mentoring International, a certified practitioner of NLP,  a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) from invite CHANGE and a authorized Facilitator for the globally recognized diagnostic tools from Team Coaching International and Past President of ICF Greece chapter.

Become an ICF Accredited Coach.

Coaching for Coaches :: Mentor Coaching Program

As a coach, you know better than anyone the value coaching can bring to our businesses and lives. It increases clarity, stirs-up motivation, identifies strengths, renews passion, deepens learning and helps us reach both personal and professional goals.

With all those benefits, we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that ‘every coach should have a coach.’ That’s what Mentor Coaching is all about.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Mentor Coaching both for Coaching Skills Development (approved by ICF for credentialing) and for Business Development.

How can Mentor Coaching help you?

Mentor Coaching for ICF Credentialing & Skills Development

Benefits of Mentor Coaching with Angelos Derlopas, PCC, CMC (Certified Mentor Coach)

  1. Greater self-confidence
  2. Increased awareness
  3. Deepened proficiency, competency and artistry with the ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  4. Learn new ways to create breakthroughs for your clients
  5. Grow your referral base due to increased effectiveness
  6. Fulfill your requirement for your ICF ACC or PCC credential


Group Mentor Coaching
Built around seven (7) face-to-face classes and field work in-between classes with your fellow coaches, the course is filled with practice, open discussion and experiential learning.  Also included are three (3) private mentor coaching sessions per person. The class hours and these private sessions support your ICF credential application as your 10-hour mentor coaching requirement.

Certified Mentor Coach: Angelos Derlopas, PCC

1,090 €.
Group registration bonus is 10%.

The programme is delivered online.
We use the fully interactive state-of-the-art Zoom platform.

  • Verbal mentoring feedback in group mentor coaching sessions.
  • Verbal mentoring feedback in individual mentor coaching sessions.
  • Comprehensive written feedback is available at an additional nominal fee: 90 €.


If you wonder if mentoring might be beneficial to you, consider the following self-quiz:

• Might I benefit from the opportunity to practice my skills with someone with “fresh eyes” who will give me honest and constructive feedback, and who can effectively support my next-level development?

• Am I seeking a level of credentialing as a professional coach?

• Could there be more nuanced layers of coaching competency available for my discovery?

• Might I have hidden habits, attitudes or beliefs that keep me from reaching my full potential as a coaching professional?

• Could I be in need of new ideas and approaches to coaching?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you are ready to consider the “when, what and how” of mentor coaching.

“Enhance your coaching excellence and seek accreditation through Mentor Coaching”.

In some ways mentor coaching can be associated with that higher level driving instruction – it continues to develop in us the demonstration of higher levels of competence (the ‘what’) than the general public has; the coaching ‘hows’ of listening, asking questions, reflecting, holding clients accountable, etc. Like race- car driving instruction, there may be specific need throughout our coaching lives for concentrating on a particular ‘how’ or set of ‘hows,’ even times when it is vital to do so. And like driving instruction, there may be need or requirement for regulation or licensing (or credentialing) to take periodic refreshers.

Using that analogy, we go to a mentor coach and say, “I want to improve my X competency.”

Good mentor coaches are capable of assessing current competency and demonstrating and guiding through the best techniques for the improvement in the desired competency or situation.