The "PRISM" workshop

How it works

Against any belief we’re creating the exact opposite of what holds true at this point in time and the environment that supports it. Then we hold as a hypothesis this opposite as the unique reality and challenge it and the supporting meta-environment. The approach is carried out likewise for all possible, emerging sets of beliefs, till we have a continuum-set of possibilities (a quantum belief). Then, as a last step, we shift time, environment and observer and we start from scratch.

The target of this workshop is to realize there is no single answer, no single truth amongst any logic-based rational belief system. Accepting the opposite and all other possibilities (yet unknown) is the only real hypothesis describing the true universe of knowledge/wisdom, enlightened being: “the acceptance of the finite universe of our perceptive rationality” = I know that I do not know...

Workshop will encourage and support analysis, research of elusive truths and focus on lucid thinking.


Activities will incorporate visual stimuli and/or role play.
Our Ithaca will be to experience and celebrate the method of deconstructing deep-seated mind patterns in a holistic way.

Αttendants will experiment and undestand how to systematically address resistance to change with a breakthrough coaching tool.


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