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Coaching Skills for Managers & Executives.

Addressing modern challenges. 


Managers usually are:

  • —Models-based
  • —Process-based
  • —Strategic / not personal or team focused
  • —Linking success to skills / not changing behaviors

 Managers aim to:

  • Control and 
  • Contain,
  • By implementing thinking strategies
  • By adapting past techniques to current circumstances
  • By protecting the safety zone

Managers can also:

  • —Facilitate,
  • —Contextualise,
  • —Reframe and
  • —Enable.

 Managers can coach to:

  • —Alter behaviors
  • —Facilitate self/team-improvement
  • —Forward and enhance motivation
  • —Shift to problem-solving experience

The sure shortcut to effectiveness & results. 
Our methodology:

Where do we start?
—Build upon common values:

1.Need for trust
2.Mutual respect
6.Build on the positive
How do we proceed?
  • —In-house intensive face-to-face training workshops
  • —24/7 access to e-learning site multimedia content
  • —Peer coaching & Mentor coaching process
  • —Final exam leading to diploma


Individual CSM programme
Individual private coaching sessions programme is available.

Programme runs over a 3 months period for a total of 12 sessions.
Blended face to face, at Positivity Coaching premises, plus Skype or phone calls.
The mix is 5+3+4 sessions.

adpag.jpeg Angelos Derlopas is a Certified Mentor Coach from Invite Change. He has gained the ACC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). He has also been trained by Prof. David Clutterbuck and is a licensed mentor trainer. In 2013 he received the Global Coaching Leadership award by World Coaching Congress.


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