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Henry Ford once said "whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right". It's all about being decisive. Exercise your brain muscle. If you want to explore different perspectives, we will be happy to coach you. We are standing by those who want to mold their destiny.
Positivity Coaching assists those individuals or teams who want to gain control and get committed to higher standards, whether it is personal or entrepreneurial - we assist them to make the paradigm shift and get the power, inspiration and drive.
We are living in a society where everyone and everything is strongly interdependent. Fruitful interventions can lead to better communities and better communities hold the power to make this world a better place, celebrating our fulfillment in a holistic way.

Coaching for change
By advancing the art, the science and the practice of coaching we facilitate the succesful approach to the place where harmony and fulfillment meets the Aristotelian eudemonia.

Ambivalence, the existence of coexisting and conflicting feelings, can be a major factor inhibiting clients’ motivation to change. Feeling ambivalent is a common and perfectly normal state of mind. Assist the clients to accept their ambivalence, rather than to fight it, to work their way through it. It may always be present to some extent, and that’s okay. Ambivalence doesn’t need to be completely resolved for clients to get started and to be successful with change. For example, some people may always be ambivalent toward getting up early to exercise, but they continue anyway because the intrinsic rewards make it worth doing.

Coaching as a change catalyst
Understanding of a coaching model and participating in a coaching relationship can provoke effective and sustainable change. A change that affects both the session agenda and the way the coachee thinks and acts, thus ensuring he will follow through the Way-Forward.
As Plato states in The Republic's Allegory of the Cave, to Step-Forward into the real world, we need to focus on science, knowledge, belief and opinion. The need for change will emerge from our coordinates between the intelligible world and the visible world. 
Coaching invites thought and action to Step-Forward from the world of becoming into that of being.

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